Lakewood Police Chief Timothy Malley Issues Commendations for Three Lakewood Officers | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Lakewood Police Chief Timothy Malley Issues Commendations for Three Lakewood Officers

November 23, 2016

Police Chief Timothy Malley issued two letters of commendation for three members of the Lakewood Police Department that recently took actions above-and-beyond while serving in the line of duty.

Investigator Todd Allen and Patrol Officer Ariana Zuk were both commended for their work during the event of a woman having a mental health crisis on Oct. 23. In the early morning hours the officers responded to a report of a person that broke through a glass door to a business and was holding pieces of the glass to harm herself. Allen and Zuk successfully made contact with the woman and — utilizing de-escalation training and techniques — began a lengthy interaction with her. After some time, they were able to convince the woman to put down the glass and were able to lead her to an ambulance and transportation to the Emergency Department for treatment.

“Both officers exhibited exceptional patience, compassion, and proper safety procedures to bring this incident to a peaceful resolution,” wrote Malley in his commendation.

In addition, Investigator Gary Malloy was issued a Letter of Commendation for his actions while responding to a call of a woman who jumped off the Hilliard Bridge on Nov. 10.

Malloy jumped into the Rocky River to attempt to find the woman; from the west side of the river, he observed her near the east side of the river in the water. She died as a result of her injuries, but Malloy held on to her body so the current would not carry it downstream.

“The dedication Inv. Malloy exhibited by disregarding his personal safety to check on her condition and not allow her to be carried downriver is to be commended,” wrote Malley in his commendation. “Inv. Malloy’s actions are indicative of his desire to be of service to all members of the community.”