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Live Well Lakewood

“We need to think upstream and differently so we can improve health rather than just improving the problems that were created by our society in not investing.” —Dr. Donald Schwarz, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, at #NetworkCommons, a bimonthly discussion series that promotes dialogue across the community development and health sectors.

“Part of the struggle in the past has been that we’re working in silos. We’re all working toward the same thing here. Let’s figure out how to do this together.” — Sister Lillian Murphy, Mercy Housing, in our new video “National Leaders Agree,” where practitioners explain why they take on the challenge of cross-sector work in low-income communities.

“Health happens in neighborhoods.” — Dr. David Erickson, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health during a talk on shifting the focus from medical care to upstream social determinants of health.

“The definitive factors in determining whether someone is in good health extend significantly beyond access to care and include the conditions in their life and the conditions of their neighborhoods and communities.”­­ — John Auerbach, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, talking to the Build Healthy Places Network.

Our Mission

To become the healthiest community in the United States

Our Vision:

  • Create a culture of awareness and understanding that promotes healthier life style choices
  • Create a culture that healthy living is fun (a diagnosis of chronic disease is not a ‘sentence’)
  • Create a culture where focus and alignment of healthcare provides fosters synergies to gain even more support and care.
  • Create a scorecard which provides a measure of progress that makes sense to our residents
  • Encourage, educate and support lifestyle enablers such as restaurants and bars to provide healthier alternatives in their menus
  • Focus on the 70% of nonclinical health determinants

Social Determinants of Health Poster