Madison Park Basketball Hoops To Be Reinstalled Today | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Madison Park Basketball Hoops To Be Reinstalled Today

April 29, 2021

The City of Lakewood will be reinstalling Madison Park’s basketball hoops today. The hoops were temporarily taken down in response to information gathered during the investigation of a shooting at Madison Park on April 13th.

On the evening of April 13th, Lakewood Police responded to gunfire at Madison Park, where an 18-year-old was shot and subsequently taken to MetroHealth Hospital. Immediately following the incident, City officials deployed safety measures in and around the park. While investigating the incident, evidence was collected and a recommendation was made by the Police Department to temporarily remove the hoops until that portion of the investigation was completed.

Two men have been arrested and charged in connection to the April 13th Madison Park shooting. As a continued safety precaution, the City’s increased police presence around Madison Park will continue along with an enhancement to the community mentorship program at the basketball courts.