Snow Reminders | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Snow Reminders

December 22, 2022

In anticipation of the upcoming  winter storm,  Lakewood residents are reminded that they need to move their cars off of the street during heavy snow so streets can be plowed.

On streets that are posted Emergency Snow Ban streets, whenever there is snow fall of four (4) inches or more within a twenty-four (24) hour period, the emergency snow ban takes effect.  The snow ban restrictions on parking take effect without any requirement of an announcement by the City of Lakewood.   In the event of a snow fall of four inches or more, parking is not permitted on streets posted as emergency snow ban streets.  Motorists should always consult the posted signs, and be advised that in the event of a snow fall of four inches or more, the emergency snow parking bans will be enforced. Click here for a list of the Emergency Snow Ban streets.

Click here for a list of municipal parking lots that may be used during an Emergency Snow Parking Ban.

Residents and businesses are urged to do their part and clear the snow from their sidewalks.  Large amounts of snow make it difficult for children trying to go to school, seniors and any pedestrian trying to maneuver the sidewalks covered with snow.  Per City Ordinance 521.06 – Every property is required to remove and keep clear, snow and ice from all sidewalks, paths, and/or drives on all areas abutting the property.  Landlords are responsible for making sure their properties get shoveled.

To report problems relating to clearing snow from sidewalks, click here to use our Report A Problem form or contact the Division of Housing and Building at 216-529-7697 or

Finally, residents are reminded that vehicles may not be parked on any street in the City for more than 24 hours without being used in a usual and ordinary manner.  When it snows, the Lakewood Police Department may ticket and tow snowed-in vehicles.

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