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2022 Tree Plantings

Now is the time to envision adding a beautiful new tree to your landscape.  Lakewood’s Tree Plan will add 400 new trees to the city in 2022. There were 150 trees planted in spring, and 250 more will be planted this fall.  These will be planted on available tree lawns and on certain streets with narrow tree lawns, under the Private Property Planting Program,  the city will plant a tree in the front lawn at no cost if a homeowner requests one.  There are a wide selection of trees available to select from and if a homeowner would  prefer a tree in the back yard or in the front yard but lives on a street that is not eligible for the Private Property Planting Program, the city also makes trees and planting services available at the same cost that the city pays.

Trees are wonderful addition to your home, increasing property value, providing air quality and storm water benefits and other environmental and health benefits.  Call the Forestry Department at 216-529-6810 to add a beautiful tree to your home.