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Affordable Housing Strategy

In 2019 the City of Lakewood developed an Affordable Housing Strategy to address the needs of Lakewood’s low and middle income residents.  This Strategy is a dynamic plan that will be updated as new initiatives addressing current and future housing market conditions are implemented.

Click here to view the City’s Affordable Housing Strategy.

Click here to view information about Step 8 of the Affordable Housing Strategy which expanded the existing citywide CRA #1 to promote in the development of new affordable rental housing with at least 100 units.

Affordable Housing Scenario Planning Action Report

More recently, the City of Lakewood, in partnership with the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and the Greater Ohio Policy Center, piloted the Lincoln Institute LegacySP toolkit to further address the City’s desire to ensure affordable housing for all now and in the future.  In addition Lakewood’s pilot use of this exploratory scenario planning toolkit helped to develop a national model for legacy cities, like Lakewood, that are working to address issues impacting their communities, such as market pressures pushing housing prices higher and raising concerns for affordability.  The result of this work is the Affordable Housing Scenario Planning Action Report that was completed in May 2023.

Click here to view the Affordable Housing Scenario Planning Action Report.