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Call Logs: Police call logs are a running list of all police calls in the city of Lakewood each day.

Carpet disposal: Large trash items that won’t fit in the refuse cart such as couches, chairs, tables, dressers, mattresses, bookcases, house doors, storm doors, storm windows (break the glass out; contain separately), carpet (taped or tied 4’ rolls), bicycles, basketball hoops (dismantled), televisions, extra bags and boxes, contained dirt, rocks, & sod, and bundled or contained construction debris emanating from work done by the resident or home owner. Cut lumber into 4’-lengths and tie securely into manageable bundles; hammer nails over for safety. Cut plywood into 4’x4’ sections and stack neatly. Contain loose debris in strong plastic bags (tie closed) or garbage cans (structurally sound, with sturdy handles and detached lids, not to exceed 32-gallon capacity.) Break plasterboard into pieces and contain as loose debris. A 50-pound weight limit applies to all bundles, bags, and garbage cans. Contractors are responsible for their own disposal.

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Commercial Development: The city of Lakewood’s Department of Planning and Development coordinates long-range planning, zoning, and economic development for the city, in addition to administering the federal Community Development Block Grant Funds awarded to Lakewood by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The department works directly with the Lakewood Planning Commission, the Board of Zoning Appeals, the Board of Building Standards/Architectural Board of Review and Sign Review Board, the Lakewood Heritage Advisory Board, and the Citizens Advisory Committee.

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