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What Other Communities Are Doing:

Blue Zones

Blue Zones Power 9


Blue Zones Project Approach Video:

Blue Zones Project Blueprint for Well-being in the US

Blue Zones Transform your Health System’s Future


Correy PA becomes a Blue Zone Community 

Erie County Board of Health Memo to the PA House Democratic Policy Committee re:  Comprehensive Health Strategy including Erie County Department of Health Initiatives:   http://www.pahouse.com/files/Documents/Testimony/2018-03-26_123923__hdpc032218.pdf

Corry, PA Blue Zones Project – https://go.bluezonesproject.com/corry


Fort Worth, Texas becomes a Blue Zone Communityhttps://fortworth.bluezonesproject.com/

Blue Zones Project Results for Fort Worth Texas:  https://www.bluezones.com/blue-zones-project-results-fort-worth-tx/#section-1


ProMedica Health System focuses on Social Determinants of Health – Creates Strategy:

Ebeid Institute for Population Health:  https://hospitaltoolkits.org/investment/case-studies/promedica/

Embracing an Anchor Mission:  ProMedica’s All-Strategy

Anchor Mission Playbook


Other Information:  Democracy Collaborative