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Plover Avenue New Build Projects


Affordable Units

The Birdtown Infill Project is underway!  Last year the City partnered with Payne and Payne Builders Inc. to develop four single family homes in the Historic Birdtown Neighborhood.  The project will be completed in two phases.

Phase 1: Two affordable single family homes are being constructed at the corner of Plover and Robin.  Both units will be available this fall for purchase by low and moderate income buyers through the Lakewood First Time Homebuyer’s Program.  Information on the HOME Program is available here.

Birdtown Infill Streetscape

Phase 2:  Coming Soon!  This phase is still under development and will include two detached market rate homes.  Interested buyers should contact Howard Hanna for additional information.

Construction teams are encouraged to submit responses to the Request for Qualifications for the construction of a modest single-family infill home at 12311 Plover.  Through this project, the City of Lakewood seeks a partner to construct a unique life-work style space, taking design inspiration from Birdtown’s historic past. The project will further serve to address the housing objectives below as identified in the Community Vision and by the Department of Housing and Urban Development:

  • Provide a variety of housing types that meet the needs of the whole community
  • Encourage new and infill development which is complementary to the scale and character of the surrounding residential uses
  • Promote the importance of the financial benefits of quality repairs and maintenance
  • Promote energy efficiency

Click here for the Plover RFQ.

Plover Design Criteria