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Important Information About Potholes

Freeze-thaw cycles in the winter, as well as consistent salting and plowing have a significant impact on streets. The Division of Streets is working to get pot holes patched as quickly as possible, weather permitting.

The best time for pothole repairs are on dry days when the temperature is at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit or above.  Cold patch is a temporary fix that is pliable in cold weather and is made from aggregate and an asphaltic material.

The City has three crews working three shifts per day to repair potholes on the city’s 224 streets, weather permitting. Potholes are rated and prioritized to be fixed according to severity of the pothole and the location of the pothole (main street, busy side streets with a lot of traffic, other side streets).

When holes are fixed in the winter, the material used is only a temporary fix until spring. In warmer months a hot asphalt mixture is used, which permanently repairs the hole.

If you would like to report a pothole, use the Report Problem/Concern form to report the location of the pothole (including the closest street address) and the pothole will be put on our list to be fixed.

The Division of Streets thanks you for your patience and cooperation when reporting potholes.