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Powers and duties of the mayor

The Mayor of Lakewood is the chief elected official of the City and serves as its principal representative and spokesperson. The powers of the Mayor are established by charter, specifically by Article II of the Second Amended Charter (Sec. 1-10), approved by Lakewood voters on November 7, 2000. The position of Mayor is full-time (Art.II, Sec. 9), and the salary of the Mayor is established by ordinance adopted not less than thirty days prior to the final date for the filing of nominating petitions by candidates for the office of Mayor (Art.II, Sec. 5).

In addition to serving as the chief executive officer, the Mayor also serves as the Public Safety Director, the chief conservator of the peace within the City. Article II, Section 6, which enumerates the “General Powers and Duties of Mayor,” establishes that the Mayor supervises the administration of the affairs of the City and sees that all ordinances of the City are enforced. The Mayor may recommend that City Council adopt “such measures as the Mayor may deem necessary or expedient,” and the Mayor is entitled to introduce ordinances and resolutions and take part in the discussion of all matters that come before City Council (Art.II, Sec. 10). Performance of the Mayor’s powers and duties are conferred or required by the Second Amended Charter, by ordinance or resolution of Council, or by general law.


ARTICLE II. THE EXECUTIVE SECTION 1. EXECUTIVE AND ADMINISTRATIVE POWERS The executive and administrative powers of the City shall be vested in the Mayor, directors of departments, and other administrative officers provided for in this Charter or by ordinance.

SECTION 2. RESIDENCY, TERM AND QUALIFICATIONS OF MAYOR The Mayor shall be elected for a term of four (4) years, commencing on the first day of January next following his or her election, shall have been for at least one (1) year immediately prior to the date of taking office both a resident of the City and a qualified elector of the City, and shall continue as both a resident and qualified elector of the City during his or her term of office.

SECTION 3. MAYOR EX-OFFICIO DIRECTOR The Mayor, subject to the provisions of this Charter, shall be ex officio the Director of Public Safety and, as such and to that extent, shall exercise all powers and perform all duties delegated to and conferred upon the Director of Public Safety by this Charter, by ordinance, and by general law.

SECTION 4. MAYOR’S APPOINTMENT POWER The Mayor shall appoint, with approval of Council, and may remove, if and when the office is created, the Director of Public Safety, and shall appoint and may remove the Director of Public Works, the Director of Law, the Director of Finance, the Director of Planning and Development, the Director of Human Services and the Health Commissioner. The Mayor shall make all other appointments under the provisions of this Charter not herein otherwise provided for by general law or ordinance; such appointees shall serve until removed by the Mayor or until their respective successors are appointed and qualified.