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Snow: Move Cars Off Of Street

Residents are reminded that vehicles may not be parked on any street in the City for more than 24 hours without being used in a usual and ordinary manner.

When there is a heavy snowfall, the Lakewood Police Department will ticket snowed-in autos on all city streets.  Tickets and tow notices will be placed on each vehicle.  If the cars are still parked on the street without being moved 24 hours after the ticket and notice are placed on the vehicle, an attempt will be made to notify the registered owner.  After the notification attempt is made, the auto may be towed off the street.

More information about the 24 hour parking violation can be found in Lakewood Codified Ordinance Section 351.18.

During a snow event, residents without other parking, may park for free in the municipal parking lots.  Click the link below for a map of the available parking lots.

List of Municipal Parking Lots which may be used during an Emergency Snow Parking Ban »