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Utility Billing FAQ

Q:           How many days of service are in a reading period?

A:            Usually, there are 30 days of service in a reading period—though there may be reading periods during the year that have slightly more or slightly fewer days.

Q:           Why did you estimate my bill?

A:            Bills are estimated when there is a problem reading the meter.  Typically, a door hanger notifying the home owner or resident is left at the property first, requesting
that you call our office set up an appointment so that we may correct the problem.  If there is no response within the listed amount of time, the metering department will estimate your usage.

Q:           Why are there two charges listed for water and sewer on my bill?

A:            This happens when a water/sewer rate change occurs during a reading period (as opposed to at the very beginning of one).  When calculating your bill, the system will automatically break-down and prorate your usage based on the rate increase and when it took effect.  This proration is displayed on the bill in the form of these two charges (actually one charge, but split in two based on when the rate change took effect).  Please note: You will only see this split on the bill for the first month of the rate change.

Q:           Why didn’t I receive my bill this month? 

A:            The bills for each of the three water zones in Lakewood are mailed on the same day each month by our printer, so delays are unlikely (if not impossible).  Please contact our office at 216.529.6820 so that we may verify that we have the correct mailing address for your bills.  If the problem persists, please contact your local post office, as there may be a problem on their end.

Q:           Can I get help with paying my water bill?

A:            Various payment assistance programs are available:

  • Outreach   216.226.9339
  • Youth / Lakewood Dept. of Human Services   216.529.6870
  • Lakewood Community Service Center   216.226.6466
  • First Call for Help   216.436.2000
  • Cuyahoga Co. Health & Human Service Dept. of Children & Family Services   216.431.4500
  • Veterans Service Commission-Cuyahoga County   216.698.2621
  • Cuyahoga County PRC Program   216.416.4440
  • Website for Help Site: www.211cleveland.org

Q:           Who is responsible for paying the water/sewer bill in a lease situation?    

A:            In a lease situation, usually the landlord provides water/hot water to the tenants—and so the landlord would be considered responsible for payment of the bill.  But this arrangement might be dependent upon the terms of the lease.  If you have questions about your lease agreement, please contact the Cleveland Tenants Organization for landlords and tenants at 216.432.0609 or 216.432.0617.  You may also meet with a Cleveland Tenant Organization representative in person every Wednesday evening between 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. at the Lakewood Community Service Center, located at 14234 Madison Avenue, Lakewood, OH 44107.

Q:           What should I do about my water service and bill if I sell my property or purchase new property?  

A:            If you sell your property or purchase a new property, please contact our office as soon as possible at 216.529.6820 and choose Option 2 so that we may assist you.  When you call, please have ready your title transfer date, the name of the Title or Escrow Company, and the name of the new owner.