Get to know Lakewood's Fire Chief, Tim Dunphy | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Get to know Lakewood’s Fire Chief, Tim Dunphy

January 13, 2020

Over the next few weeks, we will be introducing Mayor George’s team of directors that will be leading the City’s dedicated departments. Today, we are introducing Fire Chief Tim Dunphy.

Chief Dunphy was named Fire Chief in October 2019. He is a lifelong Lakewood resident and  26-year veteran of the Lakewood Fire Department. After graduating from Lakewood High School, Fire Marshal Dunphy started his tenure as a firefighter/paramedic in 1992 and was appointed fire marshal in 2011.

Chief Dunphy oversees the Lakewood Fire Department in its mission to “protect and safeguard life and property from fire or hazardous conditions: to provide emergency medical treatment to those in need.” The department achieves its missions using a fire and medical rescue delivery system consisting of fire prevention, fire safety education, fire and medical rescue operations, and hazard abatement.

“I am constantly looking to advance our level of training and professionalism as a department. We strive to continue to provide Lakewood residents with the highest level of service possible,” said Chief Dunphy. Throughout all training, Chief Dunphy stresses that “consistency breeds harmony.”

When asked what he loves about Lakewood, Chief Dunphy shared “I love the hometown feel of Lakewood and how much pride Lakewood residents have in their community…even with our large population, we are able to maintain a small-town feel.”

Fire Chief Dunphy is married to Joanne and they have four children; Seamus, Sean, Owen, and Meghan.

Fun Fact: As a graduate of Lakewood High School, Chief Dunphy proudly displays an LHS Ranger sticker on his fire helmet. He also loves preserving the history of the Lakewood Fire Department and recently expanded the Lakewood Fire Department Memorial Committee to include firefighters Joe Kappa, Eugene Murray, Jessie Phan.

To contact Chief Dunphy and the Lakewood Fire Department (non-emergency), call 216-529-6656 or email