Scalish Construction Selected for Adaptive Reuse of the Trinity Church Site | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Scalish Construction Selected for Adaptive Reuse of the Trinity Church Site

October 29, 2019

The multi-round, competitive selection process for the adaptive reuse of the Trinity Church Site (16300-16400 Detroit Avenue) has resulted in the selection of Lakewood-based developer Scalish Construction.

After acquiring the site in 2018, the City released a request for qualifications designed to identify adaptive reuse proposals that would deliver outstanding value to the community through high-quality design and economic activity. Proposals were evaluated by a volunteer resident panel and city staff through two rounds of review, including an in-depth exploration of the proposed financial deal structure.

“Scalish Construction is thrilled to have been chosen to develop the Trinity property. Our mission is to honor Northeast Ohio’s past while building its future in a responsible way,” said Frank Scalish, President of Scalish Construction. “This project will not only help accomplish those goals but will also stimulate commerce, provide jobs and will ultimately prove to be an exciting addition to Lakewood’s evolving landscape.”

Scalish partnered with Dimit Architecture and Historic Preservation Group LLC to propose “a cutting-edge boutique development built with a community focus that incorporates the preservation of existing structures and historically sensitive new construction.” The proposed vision for the project includes spaces for retail, dining, office, residential, and several public areas for people to gather, including a gazebo with green space, a publicly accessible seating area, and a bocce court. Scalish will move its headquarters location to the Trinity Site, which will allow its company to grow in Lakewood for many years to come.

“This is a great example where government uses its resources to secure an outcome that is more aligned with our community vision than what the marketplace would otherwise deliver,” said Mayor Mike Summers.

The project will be the first in Lakewood to follow the IWBI WELL certification path, as well as standard TRUE certification. Both certifications align well with Lakewood’s sustainability goals and initiatives. The certifications will set the project up to define, pursue and achieve zero waste goals, cutting carbon footprint, supporting public health and ecosystems and advancing a green economy. Other sustainable features will include a small solar array, an educational community garden with rainwater recycling, bicycle parking for tenants and guests, electric car charging stations for tenants and patrons, and the option for a green roof.

“This process resulted in the best outcome for Lakewood residents. By acquiring the Trinity Church site in 2018, we prevented another fast-food drive-thru in our community and maintained a focus on not only preserving Lakewood, but adapting for its second century,” said City Council President Sam O’Leary.

The next step will involve working with Lakewood City Council to review and approve a development agreement with Scalish Construction. Following the development agreement approval, the project would go through City board and commission approvals and permitting in the building department. If approved, the project will create over 30 new jobs at this site and generate new real estate tax revenue, which will benefit the Lakewood City Schools and the community at large.

“I look forward to working with City Council, Scalish, and our resident-led boards and commissions to realize the full potential of this project for our community.” said Bryce Sylvester, Planning Director.

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