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Community Wellness

Environmentally friendly, healthy, active: Supporting healthy living and creating a more ecologically sustainable city.

Where We Are Today

Lakewood supports active living with 15 dedicated parks totaling approximately 75 acres of greenspace. These include community parks (three or more acres), neighborhood parks (up to three acres), or pocket parks (less than one acre). The Park Strategic Plan Update was completed in 2014 and in 2016, plans were made to reinvest in both Wagar and Cove Parks. In addition to city greenspace, Lakewood has direct access to the Metroparks Rocky River Reservation, which includes five ball fields, two boat launches, nine designated fishing areas, three golf courses, 10 picnic areas, and 23 trails. Lakewood’s Recreation Department takes full advantage of the brand new school facilities, outdoor athletic field space, municipal pools and recreation areas located in the many parks throughout the city, providing over 400 aquatics and 160 athletics activities. An Active Living Task Force was appointed in June 2014 and published a recommendations report in December 2015.

Lakewood is currently partnering with the Cleveland Clinic to build a modern Family Health Center and Emergency care in the heart of downtown. We are also well served with regard to food access with a variety of grocery stores and two farmers markets.

With regard to the ecological health of our city, in 2016 Lakewood had a residential recycling rate of 50%. Also, for the 39th consecutive year, the Arbor Day Foundation has named the city of Lakewood a Tree City USA to honor the city’s “commitment to effective urban forest management.” The city has had a net gain of 610 trees from 2011 through 2016.

Below the city lie 166 miles of storm and sanitary sewer mains, with treatment capacity of 40 million gallons per day. The City has invested $10 million in sewer and green infrastructure projects since 2012 to reduce combined sewer overflows and improve the water quality of Lake Erie. In 2015, the City organized a Clean Water Lakewood Task Force to educate the public and get feedback on the integrated plan.

Looking out for our residents, their health, public spaces, and the environment

  • Lakewood Park+-

    This 31 acre lakefront park, the crown jewel of the Lakewood Parks system, is located at the intersection of Belle and Lake Avenues. The Park offers a multitude of activities, including:

    • Foster Pool: open during the summer months, various programs offered including open swims, learn to swim classes, senior swims etc. For program information call the Community Recreation & Education Department at 529-4081.
    • Splash Pad: Open June 1st-October 1st from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
    • Four Tennis Courts with a Flexcourt Surface
    • Three sand volleyball courts, open to the public (unless permits for league play have been issued by The Community Recreation & Education Department). Call 529-4081 for league or permit information.
    • Kids Cove Playground area
    • The Lakewood Park Bandstand, offers free concerts on Sunday evenings, and free movies for children during the summer months. Refer to the City News and Events link for a list of dates and further information.  The bandstand is only used for city events.  It is not available for rental or any other use.
    • The Lakefront Promenade is a gorgeous brick walkway where visitors can enjoy a lovely view of the lake as well as a wonderful skyline of downtown Cleveland.
    • Handicap-accessible ramp, with stone walls and brick pavers, which extends from the top of the bluff to the lower
    • Solstice Steps
    • Picnic areas located throughout the park, with grills and tables
    • Two softball fields, available to the public, unless a permit from the Board of Recreation has reserved the field. Call 529-4081 for permit information.
    • Old Stone House: Lakewood’s oldest stone house, now a museum, call 221-7343 for hours and tour information.
    • Lakewood Skatepark: 9,500 sq foot concrete skatepark featuring a smooth quiet surface with street and bank obstacles for all skill levels and bleachers for viewing. Open from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.
  • The Pavilions at Lakewood Park+-

    Click here for information about renting the pavilions at Lakewood Park.

  • Madison Park+-

    • Located at 13201 Madison Ave. offers the following:
    • Usher Field: Lighted softball field. Call The Community Recreation and Education Department at 529-4081 for league and permit information.
    • Full length soccer field, available to the public, unless a permit from the Board of Recreation has reserved the field.
    • Call 529-4081 for permit information.
    • Open picnic pavilion with four grills; We do not take reservations for this pavilion.  It is available on a first come first serve basis.
    • Two futsal courts
    • Becks Pool: open during the summer months, various programs offered including open swims, learn to swim classes etc. For program information call The Community Recreation & Education Department at 529-4081.
    • New playground equipment installed in 2008
  • Lakewood Dog Park+-

    The Lakewood Dog Park is located at 1699 Metropark Drive in the Metroparks near to the Lakewood Water Treatment Plant. The Lakewood Dog Park, which is open from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM every day, provides a fenced-in area where owners may exercise their dogs off-leash to play and socialize with other dogs.


    • Keep dogs leashed when outside the fenced-in dog park area. Owners and dog handlers must keep a leash for each dog on their persons at all times. If your dog is involved in aggressive or unruly behavior, leash the dog and leave the dog park immediately.
    • Dogs may enter the dog park if accompanied at all times by an adult owner or dog handler. There is a limit of 3 dogs per adult owner or dog handler.
      The dog park is not intended for infants and small children. For safety, children under age 7 are not permitted. Children ages 7 to 17 must be accompanied and closely supervised by parent or guardian. You will be asked to leave if children are not closely supervised.
    • Dogs must have current license and be up to date on all vaccines. Licenses, vaccine information and ID tags must be affixed to each dog’s collar and a collar must be worn by dogs at all times.
    • To prevent aggressive canine behavior, human and dog food of any kind are prohibited.
    • Dogs must be at least 4 months old to enter.  Dogs under 25 pounds may use the small-dog area.
    • Toys, baby equipment and sports equipment should not be brought into the dog park. Firearms and weapons are prohibited.
    • Dogs in heat or pregnant may not enter the dog park
    • Securely close each entrance and exit gate before opening the next gate.
    • Owners and dog handlers must be within the fenced-in area and with their dogs at all times.
    • Owners and dog handlers must have their dogs in sight and be in control of their dogs at all times. All humans and dogs engaged in altercations or aggression will be asked to leave. Cooperation between owners and dog handlers is expected.
    • Always clean up after your dogs. Be watchful of your dogs, and pick up and dispose of fecal waste. Biodegradable waste bags, tools and trash receptacles are normally provided. Please leave the park as clean as, or cleaner than, it was when you arrived. Please do not leave litter or cigarette butts.
    • Please do not use profane language in the dog park.  Civility and cooperation are expected.
    • Owners and dog handlers are responsible and liable for all damage or injury inflicted by their dogs.


  • Neighborhood and Pocket Parks+-

    Webb Park

    Located at 1301 Webb Road, offers the following:

    • One tennis court
    • Playground areas installed in 2001
    • Picnic tables

    Edwards Park

    Located at 16800 Detroit Ave.

    • New playground equipment to be installed in 2002.
    • One Tee-Ball field open to the public unless a prior permit has been issued by The Community Recreation and Education Department. Call 529-4081 for permit information.
    • Playground areas

    Wagar Park

    Located at 15900 Madison at the intersection of Madison and Hilliard Blvd.

    • Four tennis courts
    • New playground equipment installed in 2008
    • Picnic tables

    Merl Park

    Located at the intersection of Bunts Road and Merl Avenue

    • One tennis court
    • Playground area
    • Picnic tables

    Cove Park

    Located at 1294 Cove Avenue

    • One Tee-Ball field open to the public unless a prior permit has been issued by The Community Recreation and Education Department. Call 529-4081 for permit information.
    • Various playground equipment
    • Picnic tables

    Pocket Parks

    Park Row Park

    Located at 1386 Park Row, offers the following:

    • Playground equipment
    • Picnic tables

    Niagara Park

    Located at the corner of Lakewood Heights (south of I-90) and Niagara, offers the following:

    • Playground area
    • Picnic table

    Celeste Park

    Located at the corner of Clifton and West Clifton, this park is a scenic area to sit at a park bench or table to relax and enjoy a bit of nature.

    Sloane Park

    Located at 1355 Sloane Ave. this park offers a scenic place to sit and relax to enjoy the two Adopt-a-Spot gardens.

    City Center Park

    Located at the intersection of Cook and Detroit Ave. this scenic area offers a place to sit and relax while shopping.

    Isaac Warren Park

    Located on Warren Rd. just north of Detroit, this scenic pocket park offers a place to sit and relax during a lunch break Two picnic tables are available in a greenspace located across the street just north of the parking lot.

    Clifton Prado Park

    Located at 1265 Clifton Prado, this park offers the following:

    • Playground area
    • Picnic table
  • Active Living Task Force+-

    The City of Lakewood appointed the Lakewood Active Living Task Force (Task Force) in June of 2014.

    The charge for the Task Force was to conduct a comprehensive study and to create actionable recommendations meant to ensure Lakewood remains a community that is oriented towards active living, featuring cutting edge programming and opportunities that will continue to make Lakewood an attractive option for all age groups. Task Force members met diligently over the course of twelve months, gathering knowledge and expertise from local professionals in the planning, health, and research fields and conducting independent background research and benchmarking against other communities throughout the United States.

    Primary research was performed through a targeted survey of recreation and active living providers in and around Lakewood. This Providers’ Survey, explained in greater detail in the Task Force Background Research portion of this report, yielded insight to the provider’s experience in Lakewood, and illuminated needs and opportunities that ultimately informed the recommendations in this report.

    Trends revealed by the providers’ survey include that many providers face program limitations due to barriers associated with physical space, funding, social perceptions, and other resource barriers. Furthermore, the survey highlighted that many providers felt that they would benefit from coordinated assistance in addressing various organizational and administrative needs, obtaining and synthesizing user data, and in advertising. Better communication and coordination among providers and between providers and municipal institutions was also a trend.

    The Lakewood Active Living Task Force shared its recommendations report with Lakewood City Council on Feb. 1, 2016. Here’s the report.

  • Sustainable Lakewood+-

    With regard to the ecological health of our city, Lakewood ranks among the top Cuyahoga County communities for our residential recycling rate. In 2015, the city completed the city-wide automation of our curbside recycling program by distributing over 18,000 plastic recycling containers to residents over a two year timeframe to better streamline recycling collection, save money over the long run and improve recycling rates moving forward.

    To see more about the city’s efforts with regard to sustainability — everything from recycling to leaf collection, from energy efficiency to clean water — check out our Sustainable Lakewood page.