Community Vision- Master Plan | The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Community Vision

The Lakewood Community Vision, our City's Master Plan, is an expression of where we stand as a community and where we hope to be in the future

Lakewood’s Community Vision – Our City’s Master Plan

As passed by Lakewood City Council and the Lakewood Planning Commission in 2012 and again in 2017 with data updates, the Lakewood Community Vision serves as the city’s master plan and is a picture of the desired future for the City of Lakewood.  The Community Vision Goals and Objectives that were established by the community are available on the Vision website at  On the Vision website you will also find the following vision statements the guide the City’s work.

  • We envision a community that is a great place to live; a community that cares about the environment; a community that maintains a high quality of development.
  • We envision a housing market that is stable and provides for moderate growth in housing values.
  • We envision adequate housing opportunities for the City’s economically and culturally diverse residents.
  • We envision a high-quality housing stock that is diverse in style and is well maintained through proactive code enforcement and community home improvement programs.
  • We envision a providing the finest variety of educational choices, resources and opportunities.
  • We envision a growing and diverse business sector that provides residents with a wide range of products and competitive services.
  • We envision a vibrant and attractive business environment that focuses on the community’s accessibility, the availability of business support services, and which has a well-trained work force.
  • We envision a long-range economic development strategy that encourages economic growth and supports small businesses.
  • We envision a community that has cooperative, progressive, and responsive leadership; and which provides a high level of service to residents.

The Community Vision has broad goals in six areas: Commercial Development, Community Wellness, Education & Culture, Housing, Mobility, and Safety.  These are highlighted on the Vision website as well as the City’s Webpage.